Zynga’s CastleVille MMORPG is Coming Soon to Facebook
By Christopher Weaver

Dreaming of slaying a dragon and sitting high and mighty on a king’s throne? Well Zynga is making that dream a reality (sort of) with their latest iteration of the “Ville” series. CastleVille is set in medieval times and runs along the same basic notion of the other Ville games, build your castle, keep the peasants happy, and even help your friends in the construction of their fortress. All the things you’d want from a social building game.

Does that mean this is the same game re-branded? The answer is no. Zynga has added some new MMORPG features to the game to make it more enjoyable, and of course to suck up more of your precious spare time. The major one is the trade system that is ubiquitous with almost all MMORPGs, which will allow you to buy/sell any items picked up along the way. Just visit the local shop and trade away.

One other major improvement to the game from previous similar titles is the increase in animations. Instead of sitting looking at a mostly static environment, the world reacts to clicks of the master’s mouse. This game is coming soon to Facebook worldwide in 17 languages, so get ready to crush your international foes. You can visit their Facebook page here to see when the game goes live.


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