Jawbone Up Fitness Bracelet for iPhone Coming November 6th for $99
By Christopher Weaver

If you’re looking for a way to track your fitness and look cool at the same time, Jawbone has got you covered. The Jawbone Up is a bracelet that tracks your movements and daily workouts and wirelessly transmits data to your iPhone for viewing. The Up does one more interesting bit, it will track your sleep habits which is equally important to one’s health. This device takes one step that it’s competitors didn’t, it works completely without the use of a computer. You can track and view all of your fitness data in the iPhone app. Sorry Android users, not for you.

The actual hardware is said to be quite rugged as Jawbone intends for this bracelet to be worn all day every day. The Up is water resistant up to 3 feet, so don’t worry about falling in a puddle or getting some rain on it. Since you’ll be wearing this all the time, it is a bonus that alarms can be set and you will be reminded through a gentle vibration on your wrist. Battery life shouldn’t be an issue, the Up is said to have a 10 day rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery that can recharge in only 80 minutes.

The bracelet will go on sale November 6th for $99.99 and can be bought from Jawbone’s website here or from Apple’s online store. If you just want to run out and pick one up they will also be sold at Best Buy and Target. Don’t think you’re getting stuck with a bland looking bracelet, you will have color choices of blue, red, silver, white, brown, red, and black. It also comes in three size variations, so there should be one that fits you.

Check out the video below to see what Jawbone Up can do for you.


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