Google Reader gets a Facelift
By Christopher Weaver

Today Google continued rolling out their new design, this time to Google Reader. The overhaul drastically changes the UI, but it will seem familiar as it highly resembles Google+ and Gmail. All users should be able to access the new Reader by the end of the day, according to Google.

There’s more than just a new look. Google has turned off features like friending, following, shared items and comments and decided to incorporate some Google+ features. Instead you can now +1 an item directly from your Reader feed, or even share it to Google+ with a note. Thankfully Google realizes that there are some in the world that resist change, and might not want to use Google Reader anymore due to the redesign. If you’re one of these people, Google has made a subscription export tool that will allow you to export all your reader data, so you can start using another service.

[Google Reader Blog]

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