‘Setting Time Zone’ could be the culprit for the iPhone 4S’s battery troubles
By James Lenhart

Earlier we reported that many people are complaining about the iPhone 4S’s poor battery life. As a result of the complaints, Apple engineers began contacting customers to diagnose the problem, according to The Guardian. It now looks to be a software problem but pinpointing the issue is not an easy task.

Many people are saying that turning off certain locations services will help with the battery drain, but disabling a feature called Setting Time Zone under Location Services > System Services should help you the most, according to Oliver Haslam. If you notice that your services have a purple arrow next to them, it means they are being accessed right now. It’s good to eliminate what you don’t need until Apple comes out with a fix.

One thing is for certain — we need phones with better battery life. Ideally it would be nice to have something that lasted 48 hours under moderate use.

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