Disney-ABC Renews Streaming Deal with Netflix and Signs up with Amazon Prime
By Christopher Weaver

Disney content from ABC, ABC Family, and the Disney Channel has been available to Netflix subscribers for two years now, and that won’t change anytime soon as Disney has resigned the deal. The thing that will change is that Amazon Prime customers will have access to this family oriented content.

These two deals appear to be slightly different up front. The Amazon deal includes some Marvel shows like Spider Man, X-Men Evolution, Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers and Iron Man: Extremis, which it seems will not be going to Netflix. On the other hand Netflix will be offering certain shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, 30 days after the episode has aired. We are currently unsure if Amazon has the same window.

This is an interesting point in streaming history. Instead of choosing one service to distribute old content through, Disney has chosen to go through both of the big boys. We here at allGeek are Netflix junkies, but what if both services had the same content? Well it seems that if that happened, Amazon Prime would have some clear advantages. Price is a factor since a year of Amazon Prime is $79, and Netflix is around $96. Secondly you must consider the free shipping you get as a “bonus” on all Amazon products, definitely a benefit. The last advantage would be the ability to use a Kindle Fire to watch your content. The one definite leg up that Netflix would still have is their widespread accessibility on multiple devices, that is unless Amazon can offer their service in the same places.

Ultimately this means more content in more places, which is always a good thing.

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