Apple Engineers Scrambling to Solve iPhone 4S Battery Issue
By James Lenhart

According to Charles Arthur of The Guardian, there appears to be a serious problem with the iPhone 4S’s battery. Apple is not coming clean to the public yet, but engineers are supposedly contacting customers who’ve purchased the iPhone 4S and are looking for a way to fix the problem. In fact, one owner was contacted by Apple and was asked to install a special file to help them diagnose the problem. The Apple engineer apologized to the customer on the phone and admitted there was an issue after seeing multiple reports.

Some owners are experiencing different results after shutting down specific apps and services like Siri, Navigation, and Notifications. If you look on Apple’s discussion board you will find that over 120,000 people have viewed this topic, which means there are plenty of you looking for an answer. As of right now it’s not clear if this a quality control problem, or simply a software fix.

UPDATE: This article might help you until Apple issues an official fix.

Phil Schiller presenting the iPhone 4S battery life estimates.

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