Android 3.1 for your Google TV
By Christopher Weaver

Google TV users no longer have to feel forgotten thanks to the new update. Google TV will soon be running Honeycomb 3.1 which offers a redesigned UI and support for apps from the Android Market. It seems that Google is embracing their set-top box as a complementary addition to your regular cable/satellite subscription. To make this work as well as possible, Google has introduced a new TV and Movies app that will pull in content from everywhere you get it, and display it in one location. The YouTube app has also been redesigned to better suit “living room” conditions in which the user doesn’t necessarily want to select every video, but rather wants to sit back and be entertained. You’ll be able to play a video and once the video finishes, a related one will begin, freeing you up to relax.

This update will begin rolling out to Sony Google TV devices starting October 30th, and will shortly thereafter begin hitting Logitech Revue devices. Let us know how you like the upgrade!

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