Steve Jobs Was Working on a Smart TV for Apple
By James Lenhart

We like to speculate sometimes, and one product surrounded by mystery is the Smart TV from Apple. One could make the argument that Apple is not absent when it comes to living room entertainment, although, their products have been few.

In Steve Jobs’s biography which was released today, you can find an excerpt that shows Mr. Jobs was not blind to the idea that people wanted better home entertainment. Currently, the company offers iTunes and makes a product called Apple TV, but it’s possible there was a better product on the way.

”I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use,” Jobs said according to biographer Walter Isaacson. “It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud. It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.”

If Apple continues it’s track record of becoming a pioneer in each field it enters, then this would be no exception. A TV is the next stepping stone for entertainment on many levels: movies, gaming, web browsing, apps, etc..


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  • Teknisyan

    Think… ipad only bigger screen…

    • James Lenhart

      Sounds like my kind of tv. Doesn’t event need to be ginormous. Have a few sizes.