iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011 to Begin November 2nd
By Christopher Weaver

Apple wants its developers to use iOS 5 to its fullest potential, and is going on a worldwide tour to teach them all about the awesome new features they have at their disposal. The iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour will be held in nine cities worldwide starting on November 2nd. You must be a current iOS developer to attend, it is free of charge, but almost all the seats are currently filled. Rome is the last city that has space available, so sign up here soon if you are interested.

If you’re still not clear on what goes on in this conference, this is how Apple has described it:

We want to help iOS developers take their apps to the next level using the exciting new technologies in iOS 5. Our team of experts will visit nine cities around the world, covering advanced coding and design techniques that you can take advantage of in your apps. Since Tech Talks are highly technical, it’s important that you have experience programming with the iOS SDK and have an app actively in development or on the App Store.

Below are the times, dates, and locations of all the events and scheduled sessions.

[Source:Apple, Via:9 to 5 Mac]

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  • RB

    Unfortunately Apple seems to be “hand-picking” the attendees. I signed up very early for Austin, TX, (well before the event was marked as “FULL”) and meet the requirement of having an app on the App Store. However, I got an email today saying I was rejected. I can only surmise that the big corporate developers are Apple’s target for this event and us “little guys” are out of luck.

    • James Lenhart

      That’s a real shame because the little guy can benefit from this a lot more in my opinion.