Hulu Plus Coming Soon to the Nintendo Wii and 3DS
By Christopher Weaver

Streaming is about to get a little better for Nintendo Wii and 3DS owners. It was announced today that Hulu Plus will be coming to both devices, further expanding their streaming capabilities. For $7.99/month users can access the great current content from networks like ABC, Comedy Central, Fox, NBC, and MTV.

The Nintendo Wii has long been lacking in the streaming department as Netflix has been the only real option. It is a little late since we expect to see Nintendo’s next generation console in early 2012, but this will help the current model stay relevant and useful until then.

The Nintendo 3DS now has a great leg up over the competiton, it will have access to both Netflix and Hulu Plus which makes the Playstation Vita seem less enticing since it can’t access either service currently. That’s not all the new stuff the 3DS has in store, it will also receive a system update allowing users to record 3D video sometime in November.

All we want as consumers is to watch our content on any device, whenever we want, and this announcement gives us a few new options.


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