Samsung Galaxy Nexus Pricing
By Christopher Weaver

After last night’s announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we were left with one major question. How much does this phone cost? As of right now the only confirmed price is on an unlocked Galaxy Nexus in the UK, which will cost £429, or about $680 USD. The only US pricing that we’ve seen was from a list of phones and release dates from Verizon posted on the Android Community site.

If this can be believed, we will be expecting this phone to sell on contract in the US for $299.99. This would make sense since the newest Android phone announced was the RAZR, which will be selling for $299.99. If this indeed the price point we see this device at, make sure you buy no other phone. If you do, there is a chance you’ll be stuck on Gingerbread forever, that is unless Google has some tricks up their sleeve.

[Via:Android Community]

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