Motorola Introduces the MotoActv – Portable Music and Fitness Device
By Christopher Weaver

Motorola has today unveiled a fitness focused device called the MotoActv. This 46mm square media player is powered by a 600MHz processor and is “built on the fundamentals of Android”. It can track everything you need to know about your fitness activities like: distance, speed, calories, and your GPS coordinates. All this collected data can then be easily viewed through a personal MotoActv web portal, or it can be shared directly to social networks so you’re friends know you are better than they are. This portable device can be worn on a wrist band, arm band, or a bicycle mount and is designed to handle most any weather. Not only can it store at least 4,000 of your tracks, but also has an FM radio and an “audio coach” that will customize the order of your tunes while you work out.

This device will be available on November 6th for $249 for the 8GB model, and $299 for the 16GB model. The MotoActv will be sold through Amazon, Best Buy, Sports Authority, Verizon Wireless, and EMS.

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