Facebook and OPower Team Up to Save Energy Socially
By Christopher Weaver

Being energy efficient becomes more important to the world every day. In efforts to make the world an even greener place, Facebook has partnered with energy software start-up Opower and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The goal is to launch a Facebook application next year that promotes energy saving by making it a social experience. What this means is that you would be able to compare your energy usage with that of your friends, making it a bit of a competition to be more energy efficient.

Opower already has deals to integrate data from 60 utility companies. Which means if you happen to get your power through one of the supported utilities, you could soon monitor your usage through Facebook. Opower is one of the only energy management start-ups that has been able to help save energy for their customers, some have reduced their power consumption by 2%.

Applications like this have been previously attempted by Google and Microsoft, both of which were a failure for one main reason — no engagement. Facebook could succeed in this endeavor based solely on it’s user base, and their unusually high level of engagement. Want to learn more? Go here to see what Opower is all about.

[Via:Giga OM]

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