NYT Says Google is Planning to Open An Online Music Store
By James Lenhart

Back in May, Google launched an invite only service called Music Beta by Google, which basically gave users a digital locker to store their tunes in. It came right on the heels of Amazon’s Cloud Drive; a service that essentially does the same thing — only Amazon has a store front to purchase music from. This newest claim from the NYT reveals that Google may be on the cusp of releasing their own MP3 store that’s said to rival iTunes, Amazon MP3, and others.

The report does not get confirmation from Google, rather, they cite “numerous music executives”. If what’s being reported is true, we can only assume that Google has worked deals with major record labels and is ready to open up shop.

Currently, Music Beta by Google works by allowing users to store their already “purchased” content on to Google’s servers. However, Google’s real problem lies with the music labels. Sure, iTunes Match is due to release soon and Amazon has their cloud drive, but according to “complaints” — Google doesn’t do enough to curb piracy. We’d like to see the music labels loosen up a bit and let Google try it’s turn in the music business. Everyone knows that the internet plays a huge role in how music is published — take Lady GaGa for example.

On a parting note, anticipation is rising for another product called Ice Cream Sandwich, which will surely bring more people closer to Google’s ecosystem. It looks like now is the time to get a music store open — for Google at least.

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