Facebook for iPad: First Thoughts
By Chris West

To be completely honest, I’ve never really liked the Facebook app for iPhone, so I wasn’t really expecting much when they released the official version for iPad. However, I was fairly surprised to find that the application does what it was born to do quite efficiently. Read more of my thoughts after the break.

The first thing I was greeted with was the login screen. I put in my username and password and waited for it to log in. And waited. And waited. Well you get the point. I had to exit, close, and restart the app, but after that everything was fine. (Click images to see full size in a new window)

The first screen that greets the user is the News Feed, accompanied by the online friends chat window on the right.

This is very similar in look and feel to the actual Facebook web page. From here you can chat with your online friends without ever leaving the main window. While this setup does prove to be helpful, it also presents a problem. The backspace button, and the send message button are very close together, and I was finding myself trying multiple times to hit the right button. I’m sure this was probably just overlooked and will be fixed in an update.

Of course, we don’t use Facebook just for the News Feed and Chat features. There is a whole slew of other components that we need to access. To do this, simply slide your finger to the right to reveal the toolbar. From here you can check your messages, view events, stay up-to-date on your groups, and do everything else you love to do in Facebook land. The only problem I found with sliding the toolbar out is that a very similar motion is used to scroll up and down on your feed, and I found myself accidently sliding the toolbar out pretty frequently. This is a pretty minor setback, and once again will most likely be fixed (or tuned) in an update.

Overall the feel of the app is likeable. The iPad version is packaged with some extras, such as special animations and gestures. With more screen real estate to take advantage of, we can now get a more “real” facebook experience that stays true to the original site. Overall I would recommend the app for day-to-day stuff, but you might want to check out Flipboard if you are looking for something with a little more eye-candy. Of course, the iPad’s browser gets the job done just as well, but we won’t judge.

We’ll keep you posted as we use the app more.

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  • James Lenhart

    I had the same issue on start for the iPhone. Good points!