5 Essential “Must-Do’s” Before Downloading iOS 5
By James Lenhart

We know some of you are making preparations for the upcoming iOS 5 launch, but we bet you didn’t think of everything. In case you’re ill-prepared we’ve made a list of 5 essential must-do’s that will make tomorrow’s launch much more enjoyable. Assuming that you won’t be able to download iOS 5 until the afternoon/evening we think that you’re still safe even if you wait until morning to do the following:

1.) Consult your spouse and let him or her know that tomorrow is a big day for you, and that it would really mean a lot if they understood your distance through out the “testing” period. Refer to the launch as a way to make your life together better in ways that aren’t so apparent. If you have a child make sure you buy them something to occupy their time. You wouldn’t want them pestering you while swiping away your first notification would you?

2.) We know that optimizations have been made to iOS 5 for speed, and what better way to notice those improvements than to increase your reaction time with a simple reaction tester. This will surely get your mind and fingers in tip top shape for the big release.

3.) Call in sick. You’re going to want a sufficient amount of time to explore all the inner workings of iOS. This way your first day back at work you can say, “Can your phone do _______?” and you’ll be the hippest guy at the office. You can show those IT guys they are a bunch of keyboard jockeys after all.

4.) Pre-make your meals. This step is essential in making the most out of your experience. Once you begin living the magic of iOS 5 you will no longer have time to consider petty things like what to eat. With your meals pre-assembled you won’t have to go hungry, and your mind will be more receptive to what is in store.

5.) And the most crucial step of all — MAKE SURE YOU CHARGE YOUR BATTERY.

This post was written in combination with Christopher Weaver

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