Netflix Strikes a Deal with AMC Networks
By Christopher Weaver

Netflix customers will be delighted to hear they have access to new shows and movies. The content streaming company has reached a multi-year licensing agreement with AMC Networks Inc. that will bring AMC’s best content to Netflix. This deal was brokered exclusively for U.S. and Canadian customers and will bring programming from channels like AMC, Sundance, IFC, and WE tv. Starting today you’ll be able to watch Season 1 of the Walking Dead, and all future seasons of the show (and other AMC shows) will be made available just before the release of the newest season.

Some network executives are resistant to streaming and like to preserve the old model. Thankfully some aren’t, like AMC Networks President and CEO Josh Sapan, who had this to say about the deal:

“This agreement supports the cable ‘ecosystem’ by making our content available to Netflix nearly a year following the linear premiere, it brings our content to a wider audience, and it provides additional revenue to support production of new shows.”

[Via:Yahoo! Finance]

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