Last Wishes: iPhone 4S/iPhone 5
By James Lenhart

Today is the day that iPhone lovers around the world rejoice over what the next device will be. Some call it the phone Sabbath, but I’ll leave you to your own naming-schemes. There’s been much talk about two different phones, so I decided to put together my wishlist of features that I would like to see on either. Many rumors are saying to not expect an iPhone 5 until 2012, and that the iPhone 4S is simply here to bring a more affordable world phone to all carriers, but I don’t think Apple will leave us hanging.

Yesterday, a report surfaced saying that Sprint would wager close to $20 billion dollars on a deal with Apple to carry the iPhone 5 excslusively. I’m going to stick to my gut feeling and say this is bogus, because I expect two devices to be introduced to us from the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event today at 10AM PST, 1PM EST.

iPhone 4S

This phone will look very similar to the iPhone 4 sporting a glass back and front, 8MP rear-facing camera, updated processor, upgraded RAM, 8GB internal storage, and same size screen. I’m not expecting this to blow anyone away, but if it’s a world phone I’d like to see AWS support so that T-Mobile customers could run this even without it being officially supported.

iPhone 5

This is going to be the best phone Apple  has ever sold and should come packing with many desired bells and whistles. Starting with the display I think we will see something that is slightly larger, edge-to-edge, and possibly at a lower PPI. I believe an updated processor, camera sensor, and more RAM will be in store for this phone. The biggest difference I think most people will notice off the bat is the design of the phone. My hopes is that it will have an aluminum back that’s shaped similar to the Macbook Air (wedge/tear drop).

I can’t go into much detail, but anyone out there  that wants the next the iPhone will already know of several rumors circulating about the internet. We’ll know soon enough, but I figured it’d be cool to see how right I was after the keynote.

One Last Thing

If all goes as planned and Apple releases the keynote on time we should be hosting a special podcast tonight about the next iPhone release. Whatever happens we will be here for you — consider us your iPhone support group.

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  • J. Beeson

    Good call on the 5.


    • James Lenhart

      Lol I know right.