Introducing “Siri” the Personal Assistant That Listens on iOS 5
By James Lenhart

Over a year ago Apple acquired the company Siri and today they announced a new feature into iOS 5 called, “Siri” that aims to be your personal assistant. Siri works by taking input in the form of spoken questions, and supports the English, French, and German language with more language support on the way. At the keynote, Apple demoed different ways to use Siri as your assistant by asking it questions like “How many days til’ Christmas”, and it would respond in the form of voice. Several nuances such as: scheduling, weather, tasks, txt, and email will be supported by Siri.

This comes at time where Google has already had it’s foot well into the voice recognition game, and I feel like they’re bringing something to the table that differentiates them from the others. Currently, Google does not supply feedback in the form of voice but does a fantastic job at understanding what you’re saying.

Siri will launch along with iOS 5 on October 12th.

[Via: BGR]

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