Apple Officially Releases iOS 5 – Free Update on October 12th
By James Lenhart

Officially unveiled at the Let’s Talk iPhone event today, iOS 5 has lots of new features and will be available for free on October 12th. Notifications have been updated, and now reflect an Android-like feel. See your notifications from the lock screen, and then jump right from the notification into the needed app.

iMessage is a new messaging center for iOS users, very similar to BlackBerry Messenger even allowing you to see if your messages were received or not. Twitter lovers will enjoy the deep Twitter integration baked into some iOS apps like Photos.

Newsstand might be intriguing for magazine readers as it delivers an easy to browse interface for many publications. The camera has some updated functionality such as: taking photos from the lock screen, grid lines, take photos using your volume button, and auto-exposure.

iCloud integration helps to sync your files across all devices, which can be very helpful. You will have access to 5GB of free iCloud storage. iTunes Match will scan and match your tracks not bought through iTunes, with files in the iTunes library thus giving you a legitimate high quality file. Expect to see iCloud launching on October 12th.

A new app was announced titled “Find My Friends”, which will allow users to locate one another if they are using the app together. Use this app at places like Disney World so you don’t get separated from your family.

Stay tuned for all other announcements for the Let’s Talk iPhone event.

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