Pricing & Specs Revealed: Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3G, and Kindle Fire
By James Lenhart


Wow, what a game changing day for Amazon and for the people who like using tablets. The time has finally come to reveal what is going on with Amazon’s strategy for the tablet world, and what better way to start with a bang than to unveil four new products — all of which are priced as fair as it comes.


Starting with the most affordable we have a new regular non-touch Kindle that weighs in at 5.98 ounces which is 30 percent lighter than the previous generation Kindle. It will be offered at $79 and will sport the traditional e-ink display.

Kindle Touch

Next up, the Kindle touch without 3G will run you $99 dollars and will sport a similar e-ink display like the regular Kindle, but with touch of course. The device is sleek and will not break the bank either.

Kindle Touch 3G

The slightly more expensive model of the Kindle Touch will bring you everything the other model has, on top of 3G connectivity no matter where you might be. This particular model will run you $149.

Kindle Fire

This was probably the most anticipated product being launched at this event and of course they saved the best for last. The $199 tablet will come sporting a 7-inch IPS display and will only weigh 14.6 ounces. It’s Gorilla Glass protected and will run it’s own version of Android. Pre-order now.

UPDATE: The prices listed above are with special offers. If you wish to not have ads on your device you will pay $30 more for the regular Kindle, and $40 for the Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G.

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