Introducing Amazon’s Silk Browser and Whispersync for Video – Exclusive to Kindle Fire
By Christopher Weaver

Launching exclusively on the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s Silk browser promises to deliver a much faster browsing experience. The Silk browser doesn’t process everything in the device, but rather splits processes into two. Some that happen on the device, and some will be processed on Amazon’s EC2 servers, letting you utilize the power of 68GB of RAM and 8 cores on your 7-inch device. Your Kindle will act as an interactive window to the web, while EC2 provides the horsepower and memory to give you an awesome browsing experience.

Here’s how director of software development for Amazon Silk, Joe Jenkis, described how this process works:

The Kindle Fire acts as a small store for commonly used files but we’ve extended that with the Amazon computing cloud to offer a virtually limitless cache for the common files images, cascading style sheets, JavaScripts that are used to render the web pages you use every day … that’s all atop Amazon computing utility systems so it doesn’t take a single byte of storage from the device itself.

The other important feature is Whispersync which allows you to synchronize your notes, bookmarks, last location read, and popular highlights. Basically this allows you to pick up your reading on another Kindle powered device or app. With the launch of the Kindle Fire, Whispersync will now support video. You’ll soon be able to stop a movie on your Kindle Fire, then resume it on your TV or computer in the same spot. Synchronous watching is probably one of our favorite features of Netflix, so I’m delighted to see this feature out of the gate on the Fire. To stay up to date on Amazon Silk news, follow their Twitter account @AmazonSilk.

Via:Giga OM and Amazon Media Room

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