[E41] Tiers of Closeness
By Christopher Weaver



Lightning flashed as the man hovered over his laptop. Filthy volumes of robotics journals covered the desk, his obsession was plain. The cave was dank and remote which would suit his purposes just fine. The image on the screen was of little Timmy Decker, a quadriplegic from Illinois whose parents were looking for hope. Little did they know the man who would soon offer his help was living in this hell hole, where there son would soon spend the rest of his days. His one and only task, to podcast. Forever.

Music Source:

Intro: TREYFREY Song: 304 (Brand new unfinished)

Ending: sylcmyk Song: Sunmajor

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  • New Things from f8 – Timeline, Ticker, Revamped News Feed, Music Integration, Netflix Integration
  • Google+ Goes beta with open-sign up – New features include Search, Hangouts on Air, Hangouts with Extras, Hangout for mobile, and Hangout API

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  • Pandora goes HTML5
  • HTC works with Dropbox and brings everyone 5GB of free storage
  • Twitter adds SMS picture support
  • 525 webOS employees get told to go the fuck home and HP hires Meg Whitman as CEO
  • Sprint takes away unlimited data on mobile hotspots
  • OnLive launches in the UK

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  • Tootti Fruiti

    What was the music on exit of episode 41?

    • James Lenhart

      I updated the post, and will continue to source our music just incase you want to know.