Dish Network and Blockbuster to Unveil Streaming Service Today
By James Lenhart


Back in April the ruling was final that Dish network would purchase Blockbuster for around $320 million with $228 million being in cash. The company was serious about taking over Blockbuster’s online movie rentals, but until now has made no announcement on what they plan to do.

Today, at 1:00 PM ET Dish will most likely announce a new streaming service with a conference title “a stream come true”. Blockbuster already had it’s foot in the streaming business before, but lacked the amount of titles Netflix has.

Hollywood doesn’t like the all-you-can-eat deals — they never have and never will. If Dish and BB are smart they will launch something that either costs significantly less, or charge a higher cost to offer more premium content like a partnership with Starz, which is a deal Netflix is losing at the beginning of 2012.

However it’s done we know this comes hot off the heels of the Qwikster and Netflix separation, so perhaps they’ve got something compelling. Currently, the service offered by Dish and BB called “Total Access” is still operational making it hard to say what the company has up it’s sleeve. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

Via: BGR

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  • Nathaniel Richmond

    I have access to 100,000 titles to choose from Blockbuster
    gets new releases 28 days before the competition and 20 premium movies channels
    to choose from. Blu-rays are at no additional charge plus working for DISH
    Network I can tell you that you can stream 3,000 movies to your TV and 4,000
    movies to your PC. Not many video company’s offer in-store exchanges like Blockbuster does plus I can choose from 3,000 games by mail on systems PS3, XBOX 360, and Wii.

    • James Lenhart

      Good to know! Thanks.