Blockbuster Movie Pass Will Launch October 1st for Dish Customers Only
By James Lenhart


Today, Blockbuster and Dish Network announced they would offer an exclusive all-in-one package for their existing Dish network subscribers, and future ones. The new package called the Blockbuster Movie Pass is separate from Blockbuster Total Access and will cost just $10 per month. Movie Pass subscribers will gain access to DVD’s and Blu-rays by mail, 3,000 video games by mail, 3,000 streaming titles, and 20 premium movie channels on Dish Network. The streaming library is available via the Dish box in an integrated UI. Currently, the launch date is set for October 1st — ads included.

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  • Parker

    Now that they blockbuster movie pass has been release for over a month I can honestly say it is the best thing that happen to me. I have been able to catch up on all the movies I have missed by streaming or getting them through the mail or I can simply watch other movies from the 20 channels I get. As a customer and employee with DISH I’m happy I’m able to do get all this for only $10.00 a month. You have to check it out today with DISH!