Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB WiFi SD Card Review
By James Lenhart



We went hands-on with the Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB WiFi SD Card thanks to the good people over at Eye-Fi. The California-based company was the first to produce an SD card with integrated WiFi and continues to innovate with their mobile and desktop software.

They offer the ability to transfer photos onto your iOS and Android devices all from the card itself, or you can upload them to your desktop PC and share them across various social platforms like Facebook, Flickr, and more. The cards come in both 4GB and 8GB models and will support 802.11b/g/n. Eye-Fi offers a Pro card that supports RAW format and includes most of the options from their other cards, however, the Connect X2 is great for anyone that wants to live a wire-free lifestyle.

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The Good

Setup was a breeze and was very straightforward. Inside the package you’ll find the SD card, USB SD card reader, and an instruction booklet. Simply plug-in the USB reader into a port and insert the SD card. All required software is stored on the card.

From the Eye-Fi software you can setup social networks, destination folders, privacy settings, and more. After you go through the process of updating and setting up the password for your home network, you’re ready to start snappin’ photos.

Photos will upload to the destination of your choice whether that be your desktop, Android, or iOS device. If the card has power it will try to connect to a known WiFi connection. Once it establishes a connection it will begin uploading according to how you’ve set it up.

If you plan to leave the house and know that you won’t be within any known WiFi connections you can simply set the device to directly connect to a mobile device. I paired it with my desktop and iPhone and was impressed by how well it worked. If I’m in the house it “knew” to automatically connect to my home WiFi network and upload pictures to the desktop, but outside of my router’s coverage and it would push them to my iPhone.

I’d also like to add that it’s pretty cool when all you have to do is turn on your camera and photos are instantly synced down to your devices and/or social platforms you’ve setup. In my case I set it to upload photos to a private Facebook album that only I could see.

The Bad

I had some problems finding a USB port on my computer that didn’t conflict with the size of the reader, but this shouldn’t be a problem for those with notebooks. I just happened to have a USB wire extender that did the trick.

I noticed that the SD card seemed to fit fairly snugly inside the slot of my camera and was kind of hard to remove, although, you don’t really need to remove it since it transfers over WiFi. Also, it would have been nice if there was an easier way to program new WiFi connections into the card, but that’s a merely a limitation and is not really something to consider “bad”. In fact, Eye-Fi offers the ability to connect to hotspots at Starbucks, McDonald’s, and more. It will cost you an additional fee, but if that’s something you’d like — it’s available.

Many people have complaints about battery life, but I did not notice a huge hit to mine. In some cases you’ll need to leave the camera on so it can transfer the pictures, which would drain the battery faster. It definitely won’t conserve life, but I wouldn’t be scared to run out of juice. And if you like the product that much just buy a back-up battery.

We wished there was a way to upload photos to the card, but again it’s not a huge set back and wouldn’t be useful for most people.


For $49.99 the Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB Wifi SD card is something that technically never runs out of space and will make your life free of one more wire. It’s simple and easy to use and packs in a lot of options that I think many regular users will enjoy.

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