New HTML5 Pandora is Here with Free Unlimited Listening
By Christopher Weaver


The internet radio service you know and love has just gotten even better. Pandora has rolled out a redesigned HTML5 site and added some new functionality. The most important change will effect the cheap Pandora-addicts like myself as the 40 hour listening cap has been removed for free users. Pandora has also added the ability to share your songs and stations to Twitter and Facebook. Each station will be given a unique URL to make the sharing process as simple as possible for your friends. If social is your thing, you’ll be happy to know that Pandora will be rolling out a social feed over the next few days. Users will also be able to shuffle through collections of stations which will further customize their experience.

With Facebook planning to launch a social music solution soon, this is the time that Pandora needs to shine. I personally like to go to a music site/app to listen to music, and a social one to share things. I much more enjoy the ability to share from anywhere to anywhere, instead of being contained in one site (Facebook).

Via:Pandora Blog

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