Increase Your Klout with Google+
By Christopher Weaver


Now that Google+ is hitting the public I am excited to see how it will be integrated into other services. Klout is one of the first to start this trend. They’ve added Google+ to the list of social networks that factor into your social influence score. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez is apparently very excited about adding this functionality to his service and he feels very strongly about Google+’s power. Here’s what he had to say about this important occasion:

“We have always believed that influence was the ability to drive people to actions and Google+ has great signals such as +1s and comments. One thing we have noticed is that the conversation frequency and quality on Google+ really sets it apart from other platforms.”

I hope this means we will start seeing Google+ sharing and integration in our favorite services. I believe it will help with the Google+ fatigue we’ve seen in many users, thereby reigniting our interest.


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