T-Mobile won’t get iPhone 5 in 2011
By Christopher Weaver


According to a leaked internal document obtained by TmoNews, the iPhone 5 will not be coming to T-Mobile this year. The document contains quotes from T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer Cole Brodman during his speech at a September 15th Town Hall Field Service Center. Brodman said instead of an iPhone 5, they will be launching 2 new smartphones that “should spark consumer interest ahead of the holiday season”. It would seem to me that instead of launching 2 phones that might spark interest, it would be more beneficial to launch the iPhone 5 which we know sparks plenty of interest. Also following the reports that the iPhone 5 would be coming to Sprint soon, this seems strange. We don’t know if this means there will be an iPhone 4S on T-Mobile, if the iPhone 5 might be coming early in 2012, or if T-Mobile is destined to never have this beloved device.


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  • Nick4dolph

    Tmobile sucks I hate it! The only reason i am still with them is because my contract has not expire yet! And the only way I would stick with them is if they got the iphone. I do have to admit that Tmobile is the cheapest for the package i have, but I am leaving in November if the Iphone is not coming