Intel’s Ivy Bridge Chips will Support 4K Resolution
By Christopher Weaver


Crisper images and faster speeds, that is what Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips are bringing to the table. 4K resolution and a 60% increase in performance from current Sandy Bridge chips to be exact. While hardly anyone besides videophiles currently have a use for such a high resolution, that doesn’t mean we don’t want it. YouTube started allowing users to upload videos at 4096 × 2304 pixels (in the 16:9 aspect ratio), even though most people don’t have the screen to display it.

In addition to these great resolutions Intel is talking heavily about the Multi Format Codec MFX engine which will allow multiple 4K videos to playback simultaneously. This could possibly give users the ability to watch a movie, edit a video, and run a game at the same time in stunning 4K resolution. Of course there are many other possibilities, I’m just glad that Intel is thinking ahead on this.

Via:Slash Gear

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    YouTube is crazy