Google Wallet to Support Visa Cardholders World-Wide
By James Lenhart

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Google announced a “Wallet” service on Monday that would launch with the support of Citibank, MasterCard, Verifone, First Data, and Sprint, which is a strong start; although the biggest concern is the lack of payment methods to choose from. Basically, it’s either load up a prepaid Google Card, link your Citi MasterCard, or buy a gift card from select retailers — until now. Yes, Google has added the holy-grail of plastic, aka Visa.

Google’s vice president of Commerce and Payments, Stephanie Tilenius says “This agreement extends Google Wallet to Visa account holders worldwide”.

“This is a crucial step toward realizing our shared vision for the future of mobile commerce.”

Other companies like Isis have already partnered with Visa to make mobile payments a solid reality, but Google has a fair shot given that the service works well and is deployed across the nation. Isis doesn’t have plans to launch until sometime next year, which gives El Goog an upper hand.

In order to use your Visa card you will simply link it to your Google Wallet and use it anywhere that “payWave” is accepted — not to be confused with MasterCard’s “PayPass”.

On a final note, there has been no mention of those NFC stickers that could be placed on any device that doesn’t have native NFC support. If those were real I think many consumers would jump on Google Wallet a lot faster.

Via: Reuters

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