Google+ Goes Beta and Brings Many New Features Along, Mobile Hangouts, +Search, and More!
By James Lenhart


It’s an exciting moment for Google+ to say the least as the service just went public allowing anyone to sign-up and start sharing. It appears that their focus is on Hangouts, which is one of the features that makes Google+ more unique than other social platforms. They’ve added Hangouts for Android (iOS support coming soon), Hangouts On Air, Hangouts with extras, and even added some Hangout API functionality. They’ve also baked in the ability to search on Google+ — a much needed feature.

Real quickly, Hangouts On Air is simply a way to broadcast yourself publicly so that anyone can spectate your Hangout. Up to nine people can join just like a regular Hangout, only this time you have the ability to record the broadcast and set it to be “On Air”. Hangouts with extras adds a few cool features like Screensharing, Sketchpad, Google Docs, and Named Hangouts. I think the only one I have to explain is Named Hangouts, which let’s you name your Hangout in the event you’d like to host a “themed” discussion/Hangout. Last week Google+ added a read-only API, so adding to that they now have Hangout support.

Spread the word! It’s open and free!

Via: Google Blog

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