AT&T Fighting for Merger – T-Mobile not Worried
By Christopher Weaver


As more and more people join the fight against the T-Mobile/AT&T Merger, the two telecom providers are strangely becoming more confident that the deal will go through. We’ve all heard the claims that this acquisition will reduce innovation, increase costs, and cause the loss of jobs. T-Mobile’s senior vice president of government affairs, Tom Sugrue, commented in a statement on Friday that he feels the exact opposite will happen. Here’s an excerpt from his statement:

“Given the numerous benefits the merger will bring to consumers, businesses, and the US economy in the form of greater innovation, enhanced competition, and increased jobs, we remain confident that the facts will prevail and the acquisition will proceed.”

Then there’s AT&T who wants to be the number one wireless provider in the US by way of this merger. In response to all those who oppose the merger, AT&T has been in talks to sell of some of their spectrum and subscribers. The thought is that if they can reduce their size a bit, then after the merger they won’t become the “monster carrier” the DOJ thinks they will be. MetroPCS, Sprint, DISH Network, CenturyLink and Leap Wireless have apparently been approached as potential buyers of AT&T’s “scraps”, but it might not be enough to sway the DOJ who will be holding a hearing about the merger on September 21st. If I had to guess I’d say that AT&T has accepted they will lose a certain amount of cash and spectrum (totaling $6 billion) if they deal fails, so they would sooner sell off part of the spectrum before hand in hopes that it will succeed.

Personally I think this deal is doomed. The opposition is too heavy and keeps growing daily. AT&T will do anything in their power to sway the decision, and T-Mobile could care less since they get money either way.

Via: BGR, SlashGear

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