Apple Plans to Reset iCloud on September 22nd
By Christopher Weaver


Apple announced on a Developer board their intent to reset iCloud on September 22nd, which indicates we are getting dangerously close to the public launch of iCloud. For those who are currently using it, your data will be safe and secure. The only problem you could run into is between 9 AM PDT – 5 PM PDT on the 22nd you will receive an error message explaining that your backup was unsuccessful. For those who’ve yet to use this service, it will happen soon. Just remember that if you’ll be wanting more than the free 5 GB of storage, you’ll have to pay. 10GB of storage is $20 per year, 20GB of additional storage is $40 per year, or 50GB of added storage will run you a whopping $100 per year. A small price to pay if you’re entrenched in the world of iTunes and want some cloud goodness.


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