Google+ API retrieves public data only, but now is the time to begin development.
By James Lenhart


Many developers are eager to write apps for Google+ and have not had the ability until now. Today, Google opened access to their API with a few restrictions, so devs can at least begin building out their ideas. If you’re a developer you’ll want to know that Google+’s API is currently set to read-only access, it will only pull public data, the API calls require OAuth 2.0/API key, and resources returned will be in JSON format.

Don’t get discouraged over the fact that Google has set restrictions, instead take advantage of this time to plot your attack before there are a gazillion apps all trying to do the same thing. Make yours “pop” and the people will flock. Google is a company that typically takes care of the communities who develop for their platforms, so surely their tradition will follow through on their social front. Once the apps are fully developed you can expect to see a lot more engagement from myself and others.

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Source: Google

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