Episode [011] Let’s Talk Gaming
By Chris West



ALL ABOARD THE GEEK TRAIN! Next stop, awesomeville.
Join Chris and his special guest, “Dr. Chaos” as they take a ride on the geek train. Buckle up and hold on, your safety isn’t guaranteed.

Music by: Warlord, Rasterized Circles (2 x Atari Pokey)

Show Topics:
The FUTURE of gaming!
– Are Tablets the Future?
Gamestop Branded Tablet
Nvidia has the Kal-El Quad Core with 12 core GPU
Ubitus just launched in Japan on NTT DoCoMo over 4G LTE (cloud-gaming) on two tablets.
Fujitsu Arrows Tab
– Windows 8

Gamestop Allows Trade-ins of All iOS Products for CA$H
Blizzard to Release 6 “Titles”

Take My Money:
GoldenEye 007 Bundle
Sony Wireless Headset
Xperia Play 4G (Playstation Phone)

Other Stuff:
Zombie Highway iPhone / iPad
Star Legends iPhone / iPad

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