Intel Brings Thunderbolt to Windows PC’s
By James Lenhart


On Wednesday, Intel announced at the Intel Developer Forum that the Thunderbolt I/O port would be coming to Windows PC’s sometime in 2012. Thunderbolt was originally code-named Light Peak and was installed on the update to the Mac Book Pro earlier this year. Rights to the Thunderbolt technology were originally registered under Apple, but were transferred over to Intel which is why you’ll see it’s name popping up a bit more.

The Thunderbolt port is able to achieve bi-directional speeds up to 10 GB/s, and amazingly does it over copper — not optical fiber. We’ve seen a few applications of Thunderbolt inside displays, PCI-e Expansion Boxes, etc., but would like to see more. Perhaps bringing this to PC users will force manufacturers to create more peripherals.

Apple’s latest revision to the Mac Book Air included Thunderbolt, so it’s likely we’ll see other ultrabook manufacturers incorporate this into their designs. We already know Acer and Asus are planning Thunderbolt integration, but we’re unsure how the port will look. Currently, the Thunderbolt port on Apple products is identical to the mini-display port, but PC users would rather it be more like USB for increased compatibility. Not to many people are aware of this, but Sony released their VAIO Z with a hybrid USB 3.0/Light Peak port, so it’s kind of up in the air as to how things will shape-up.

Not to worry though, it looks like in some way, shape, or form, you’ll be getting a Thunderbolt port — eventually.

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