How does Google’s Flight Search Compare to KAYAK?
By James Lenhart


On Tuesday, Google launched their travel portal that allows the user to search for flights in a fashion that’s similar to Expedia, and KAYAK. Currently, the system only allows you to search for flights, but let’s see how it stands up against the popular KAYAK travel search.

In my test I searched for a flight going from MCO (Orlando, FL.) to LAS (Las Vegas, NV.) leaving on the 01/09/2012, and returning on 01/13/2012. I’ve posted the top 5 results from both, starting with Google:

Notice the simplistic interface — a common Google trait. They’ve also done a great job at plotting out where you’ll be flying too, which is a nice touch. Scrolling on the map will zoom in and out.

Here are the top 5 from Google:

Here are the top 5 from KAYAK:

As you can see I was offered similar flights, but there are cheaper flights displayed with KAYAK and more options available. It’s known that KAYAK uses proprietary technology, and multiple data sources that Google may not have access too — thus they can provide more deals. I’m a big proponent of getting things done on your mobile device, and was disappointed when I saw the absence of a mobile version for Google’s flight search. KAYAK on the other hand has a great iOS app filled with many features.

If Google wants to stay “king” of search they will need to reign more powerfully in every aspect of search, otherwise they can expect to get passed up by other players.

Sources: TechCrunch, KAYAK, Google

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