Google to Begin Optimizing Android for Intel
By James Lenhart


On Tuesday, at the Intel Developer Forum, Android Chief Andy Rubin announced that Android and Intel would continue their intermingling from the very core of Android. Paul Otellini CEO and President of Intel says, “By optimizing the Android platform for Intel architecture, we bring a powerful new capability to market that will accelerate more industry adoption and choice, and bring exciting new products to market that harness the combined potential of Intel technology and the Android platform,”.

Yesterday, we reported about a video supporting this integration on the Atom microprocessor for Android 2.3, so to hear this officially is great news for Android users. This means that all future versions of Android will support Intel architecture from the ground up — making a smooth transition.

Intel hopes this joint effort will help them bring Intel powered Android phones to market at a faster rate, which only makes sense since Intel already has it’s hands in Google TV products and Chrome OS. Every current mainstream smartphone is powered by ARM, leaving Intel in the dark if they don’t do something quick.

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