Intel to Officially Support Android 2.3 Gingerbread by January 2012
By James Lenhart


It’s true that Intel is falling behind in mobile, and is letting ARM dominate every mainstream Android and iOS device out there — which would make one wonder if they have some kind of plan. Well, apparently they do have a plan and it’s to support Gingerbread by January 2012 on the Atom microprocessor. This wouldn’t be the first mention of Android running on x86 architecture, but would be the first time the company has officially said it would support a specific version of Android. It’s expected that a version of Honeycomb will support x86 to a limited extent for a series of Atom-based Google TV products.

Let it also be noted that MeeGo is listed as being supported by Atom in the future, despite rumors that said Intel would not support MeeGo.

Essentially, Intel has failed to bring a small enough chip to enter the mobile market successfully, and will continue to be thrown aside when used in these type of applications. Low heat, low power, and multiple cores are what drive the ARM chip to such great success — makes you wonder if Intel can ever catch up.

via: ArsTechnica

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