Blizzard’s Three Year Roadmap Includes Six New Releases
By Christopher Weaver


If you’re a fan of Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, or the Diablo franchise you’ll be delighted to hear the Blizzard has six releases scheduled for the next three years. Don’t get to excited, it doesn’t mean that six brand new games are coming your way. According to Blizzard’s COO, Thomas Tippl, we are only getting one new game for sure which will be Diablo 3. Among the other five “releases” will be two more WoW expansions, two campaigns for Starcraft 2, and even an expansion for Diablo 3. This in no way means we won’t see some additional offerings from Blizzard in this time frame. Tippl chose his words carefully using the term “proven property” which could lead us to believe there is some undisclosed tricks up Blizzard’s sleeve.


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