Amazon In Talks to Offer Subscription-Based Book Library
By James Lenhart


WSJ is reporting that Amazon is in talks of offering a subscription-based book library that is similar to the way Netflix works. According to sources close to the matter, Amazon would offer the books to annually paying customers — possibly Amazon Prime customers. The initial offering would be of older books and would grant the publisher a “substantial fee”. However, many publishers are reluctant to sign the deal as they fear it will degrade the value of books. It seems that Amazon is offering a nice deal to companies who would be hard pressed to continue sales in a digital world — so why not?

The subscription model has worked in diferent ways. Number one, it allows people to explore things they might not have checked out before. Number two, it cuts down on cost for both the publisher and the customer. And Three, there’s less waste, which means a greener and healthier planet for you and I to live in.

via: Engadget
source: WSJ

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