Ubitus Launches The World’s First LTE Cloud Gaming Service, G Cloud
By James Lenhart


Ubitus Inc. is a leader in cloud computing and will launch the world’s first LTE cloud gaming service called G Cloud in October. Don’t get to excited if you’re outside of Japan, cause this is only being offered on NTT DoCoMo — Japan’s largest wireless provider.

DoCoMo will preload the G Cloud app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE, and the Fujitsu Arrows Tab. Upon launch, users will be able to take advantage MMORPGs, and 3D-action games. It’s likely that many of the games will be multi-player intensive, especially with the power of DoCoMo’s Xi™ LTE network.

Users will have the option to use the free content, or purchase “Play Tickets”. Ubitus says that they will increase their library within the coming months.

Wesley Kuo, the CEO of Ubitus said “We believe that users will enjoy convenience and excitement brought by G CLOUD and we are committed to bring more cloud gaming mobile entertainment to our customers.”

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