Google Launches Music Beta by Google webapp for iOS
By James Lenhart

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If you thought Google only had love for Android, think again. The company continues to impress with their re-designs, and this time they’ve revamped Music Beta by Google for those on iOS via a webapp. In keeping with the Apple theme you’ll notice a sleek interface that does everything a normal music player would — sorting by artist, album, song, playlist, and genre. The webapp also features a “now playing” section, and allows you to search your entire library.

One thing that continues to impress me about the Google web apps on iOS (Gmail, Reader, etc..), is the scrolling feels much like an iOS app; while it’s not entirely perfect, it’s pretty damn close.

Closing Safari does not interfere with playback, and you can even use the lock screen controls, but only if you’re super awesome. It’s likely that a Music Beta by Google app submission would be turned down, so in the spirit of Google they try something new.

Check it out if you have an account, and let us know how you like it. I’m pretty sure we have a few invites layin’ around here somewhere, so drop a comment and maybe the happy invite clown will send you one.

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