allgeek for iOS to Drop Very Soon
By James Lenhart


The flaming hot music service is about to make things roar when it unveils it’s iOS app. That’s right, is going mobile and is currently ironing out the kinks as I write. According to TechCrunch, the whole thing was built by one-teenage-developer. Judging from the screenshots the app looks very refined, and should merge nicely from the web platform.

There’s no official word when this will hit (TechCrunch says next week), but it’s likely to be soon. It was mentioned that for iOS works very well on WiFi, but has some bugs over 3G — not to worry, I’m sure they’ll get it. However, as you may have noticed there’s no mention of Android at this time and no word when that portion of development may begin.

Those unfamiliar with can catch up on their history here.

via: TechCrunch

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