Toshiba FlashAir WiFi SD Cards to Compete with Eye-Fi
By James Lenhart


A new breed of SD cards have been spotted in the wild sporting WiFi connectivity. These cards fit into any device that have an SD slot, but have the ability to push content from the card to your PC, online, or wherever else via WiFi.

Toshiba plans to release their own version called FlashAir that’s expected to be slightly better than the current marketed Eye-Fi cards.

FlashAir cards will be capable of receiving data which is something the Eye-Fi cannot do at this time. Toshiba says that their new FlashAir cards will consume less power and should increase the devices power as compared to when you’re using something else like the Eye-Fi. Overall, it seems like the FlashAir is a good deal, but may set you back around $90. Expect to see these in February 2012.

via: Neowin

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