iPad 2 3G Coming to China at Last
By Christopher Weaver


According to a WSJ post, China Unicom will soon be selling the iPad 2 3G. Apple products are a huge hit in China including the iPad 2 WiFi model, which was all you could find outside of Hong Kong. Many of us look forward to the iPhone 5 being a “world phone” on all carriers worldwide, so we can only hope that the iPad line will follow suit.

This announcement may sound unimportant to you (that’s cause you can already get a 3G iPad 2) but big things are happening in China as it comes right on the heels of Baidu’s announcement to launch a mobile OS with Dell as their hardware partner. If all goes as planned it’s possible Yi OS may start to infiltrate the states like iOS and Android have done to the rest of the world.

Come to think of it, this will probably be one of the last announcements made about an Apple product going somewhere new.

Via:Tech Crunch

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