Barnes & Noble Nook Color 2 Expected to Launch before Amazon tablet
By Christopher Weaver

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The successor to the Nook Color is rapidly approaching, we might even see it launch ahead of the long awaited Amazon tablet. Scheduled for release in September 2011, the Nook Color 2 will have a 7-inch color touchscreen and support for email, music, games, and apps. It is unclear whether it will have full access to the Android Market (one can only hope). Some things we do know for sure are where the parts are coming from and who’s putting it together. We know that TPK Holding is supplying the touch screens, Inventec is assembling the device, and Pegatron will be handing the manufacturing process.

With the 7 inch Amazon tablet scheduled to launch in October (and a 10 inch model in Q1 of 2012) it is important that B&N can get their foot in the door first. We expect that the power of Amazon could greatly diminish the market share of the Nook, but it all comes back to price. If this device is priced moderately ($250 or less) then there is great hope for it, however if Amazon comes in with a cheaper device all hope may be lost for the Nook Color 2.

Via:The Next Web

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