Instagram on Android is “a major priority”
By James Lenhart


Instagram, the fun way to share filtered photos across social platforms may have some interesting features rolling out soon. This includes the much anticipated and asked about Android version. However, the company has a couple things they want to get in line first before they roll out new versions to other platforms. “It’s way overdue for some really core improvements”, says Kevin Systrom CEO of Instagram.

The first thing Systrom wants to improve on is the camera portion of the software. He says that it hasn’t been changed for eight to nine months and really needs an update to keep it’s edge. This will include things like additional filters, etc. Secondly, he wants to build a native experience of Instagram on the web. Currently, the company does not have a way to use Instagram on the web other than viewing photos. Once the above two things are complete Systrom says they will begin working on Android. “It’s hugely important to us, but we’re only six people,”  says Systrom. “Android is a major priority for us, but first we have to build the team, and find the best people in the world to work on these projects.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that Instagram will impress me the next time around, so I look forward to seeing these changes. Good luck guys!

via: The Guardian

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