iTunes Matching Enables Streaming Playback
By James Lenhart


It looks like Apple is changing their position on iCloud, letting iTunes Matching customers stream music from their devices. The original deal with iTunes Matching was that you could have a copy of any song stored in your library (granted it was in iTunes too) in the cloud to consume on up to 10 devices for $24.99 a year. Sweet deal, but many scoffed at the idea that they wouldn’t be able to stream those tunes instantly. However, depending on how you got those tracks, (arghh!) $24.99 with or without streaming is a wicked good deal and we’re just glad to see it become even better. Insanely Great Mac demonstrates that you can stream on either WiFi or 3G in the videos below:

UPDATE: After thinking for a minute I realized that this doesn’t offer as many options as Spotify or Rdio, so you’ll really have to weigh out the pros and cons to see if  this works for you. While it’s nice to have streaming playback, it looks like the ability to create streaming play-lists and continuous streaming playback are currently absent.

via: This Is My Next

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